The Tipping point of Exceeding the posting volume limit on Craigslist

I am getting a lot of emails from readers about craigslist postings. They are curious to know what we should keep in mind to avoid getting this crazy craigslist error.

“You have exceeded the posting volume limit for this account/email”

So let’s get straight into this..

Craigslist algorithm is coded to discourage spammer from posting quite often. In the past, some users took advantage of craigslist platform and used automated software to post spam ads on craigslist. 

Craigslist updated their algorithm to capture these type of users.  They limited the number of ads you can post per day from single craigslist account.

What is maximum posting limit?

You might hear from self-proclaimed “Craigslist gurus” that you should only post on ad per day per account. But that’s not the reality. This depends on the health of your account and your IP.

Majority of my clients post more than 10 ads per day.

How can a big real estate company afford to post single ad per day on Craigslist when they get dozens of homes day in, day out? 

It all boils down to how you can justify your postings?  A general rule of thumb is to post no more than 3 ads in 24 hours from a single account. Otherwise, you might be in trouble.


What to do if your volume”exceeded the posting volume” error? 

Wait for minimum 24 hours. So you can get your limit back. And make sure you do not post more than 3 ads within 24 hours time. 

If you are still getting the issue. Try posting the same ad from a differetn account. I have noticed that a lot of users still get the same message even after waiting for 2 days. That might be a programming bug. So it’s better to use another account and post your ads with wasting any time.