How to fix craigslist ghosting issue


Did you noticed sometimes you post an ad on craigslist and you get tons of responses. And sometimes you are just ignored? Well, there are too many reasons that you need to find out.  So here are some common problems that your ad did’t get the traction you expected :-

  1. You are posting ads quite often.
  2. Your ad has been flagged by the community.
  3. You are posting the ad at a wrong time. Thats not suitable for leads to convert.

What other problems you can think off?  Did you heard the term of ” Craigslist Ghosting”?  Lot of folks are getting down on their revenues and conversions from craigslist just by getting their ads “ghosted”  

So what is Craigslist Ghosting? 

Did you noticed that sometimes you post an ad Craigslist confirm that your post is successfully published by sending link and post ID to your email.

But Once you search craigslist in the category you posted, you won’t be able to see your ad.No one else will be able to see your ad because the system “hides” it from the front page.


So how to check whether your ad is really published by Craigslist?

The easiest way is to search your ad’s ID on the site search button. If you cannot find that certain ad, big chance that your post is ghosted.

The other sign is when you did not get any response from your ad. It means no flags, no phone call, no notification, no view, nothing! Even the most uninteresting ads will get at least several views and one or two flags from a passerby user, so if your ads just up unnoticed, possibly it was just never there.

its  not a rocket science to make your ads Ghost-proof. I figured it out recently by doing some testing and tweaking. In this article i am going to show you the main paint points that you can consider if you really want to avoid craigslist ghosting. 

Lets get straight into this….

In order to fix your Craigslist Ghosting issue you must deeply research about your craigslist ad content, and other lot of things that we are going to discuss in this article.

So these are main ghosting factors that can be triggered by craigslist and ghost your ad.

Your ip might be blacklisted. 

If you post too much spam, craigslist block your ip for unknown period. And you are going to have trouble with getting your ad live. This can happen if your account already had several ads that are flagged and deleted by the system.

Even if you are really careful not to post too many ads and strictly following all regulations, remember those competitors are trying their best to get you post removed.

Ad Title and Content 

Your title should be unique every time you post new ad. If you try too many duplicate ads, craigslist is going to slow you down by ghosting your ads. 

The most common reason is a similarity in ad title and description with an existing ad. When you sell the same item, it is quite often you just repeat the same advertising tagline or catch phrase.

Outgoing Links

We have noticed that if you post a suspicious link in the ad content, you might get blocked. So makes sure you post legitimate URL’s. Putting the suspicious link in your ad can also trigger the system sensitive algorithm to read trouble in your post.

Since the staff will not really check user’s post one by one, any direct link that you put on your ad might be considered as click bait even if it only shows your product catalog.

However, sometimes your ad is being ghosted without a specific reason, even when what you have posted is totally innocent. Sending a complaint report to the staff is not really helping and if you try to pull something funny, the site admin will just ban your account forever.

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